All Rooms Include the Following General Cleaning:

    Dust Furniture, Counters, and Desks
    Dust Tops of Shelves, Cabinets, and Picture Frames
    Dust Telephones
    Dust Ceiling Fans
    Remove Cobwebs
    Wipe Down Leather Couches and Lampshades
    Wipe Down Blinds
    Spot-Clean Light Switches, Light Fixtures, and Chandeliers
    Wash Doors, Molding, Baseboards, and Window Sills
    Empty / Wash Wastebaskets
    Spot-Clean Knick-Knacks
    Clean and Shine Mirrors and Chrome Fixtures
    Vacuum and Mop Stairs
    Vacuum All Carpets and Floors (including closets if available)
    Vacuum and Mop Wood / Tile Floors
    Clean and Shine Glass Doors
    Straighten Up and Organize Rooms
    Clean Behind Furniture
    Shake and Vacuum Rugs

Kitchen and Eating Area Detailing:

    Clean Countertops
    Clean Outside / Inside of Range Hood
    Clean Outside / Inside of Microwave
    Clean and Disinfect Sink
    Shine Sink Chrome
    Clean and Shine All Appliances
    Wipe Down Kitchen Tables and Chairs
    Thorough Interior Cleaning of Stoves (Disassemble Where Possible)

Sleeping Area Detailing:

    Change Linens
    Vacuum Underneath and Behind Beds

Bathroom Area Detailing:

    Clean Tile Grout, Tile Walls
    Clean and Disinfect Bathtubs and Showers
    Clean and Disinfect Toilets
    Clean and Disinfect Sink
    Chemically treat mildew

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